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The idea for Practical Lifeskills Farm capacity building programs came about when our team of psychiatrists, counselors and social workers were brainstorming to develop programs for people struggling with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, psychiatric illnesses, and old age related problems like Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our collective experiential learning’s have led us to realize that drug de-addiction, alcohol de-addiction or psychological well being can be achieved by building coping skills in individuals. This skills training is imparted at our rehabilitation center in Pune by a team of expert counselors and trainers. Psychiatrists at our de-addiction center in Pune use third generation psychiatric medicines which have no side effects to support quick rehabilitation of the participants. The Practical Lifeskills program assists the participants in dealing with life’s obstacles with renewed vigor. We have subject matter experts who facilitate at our rehab center in Pune they cover topics like stress management, anger management, conflict resolution and more. This training helps the participant develop meaningful relations, career growth, achieve educational targets, and become acceptable and contributing members of society.

We work in three domains


Geriatric Issues (Old Age Issues)

We have two psychiatrists who run the project and they are skilled in handling old age related problems like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Incontinence, etc. We also have attendants at our rehabilitation center who facilitate a stress free and caring existence for our participants. The facility also has a beautiful garden full of flowers and is a very tranquil place to laze around and spend time reading.


The program consists the use of pharmacology for a pain free detox. In our facility we cater to only 12 participants, this allows us to give individualized care and develop unique recovery plans to suit each individuals need. In our de-addiction center in Pune we help participants realize that they can enjoy life without the use of alcohol and drugs. We also have a strong follow up program, wherein the participants can avail the support of the center and counselors even after their discharge.

Psychiatric Illnesses

The use of third generation psychiatric medicines allows our participants to experience quick recovery without any side effects. The staff at our rehabilitation center in Pune is well trained and the foundation of our treatment is compassion and care. We don’t use ECT (electric shock) and don’t tie up our patients, instead we specialize in the use of sedatives and muscle relaxants to deal with aggressive participants. We also use art therapy in the form of drum circle, painting, drama, etc to create fun filled

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